Imagine what it must be like to be a college or high school football coach. It's not like the pros, where you'll have a player (barring career-ending injury or getting traded) - you see players come and go, some rise to stardom, the others play their last days of football for you. A legitimate top-ranked quarterback is a rare breed - for most colleges around the nation - they are your leader, the one that marches your team down the field with less than a minute to go in the game with no time-outs.

NDSU is a quarterback factory

The track record proves itself with the North Dakota State football team. Their run of quarterbacks that have turned pro is nothing short of amazing. Check out this list - Carson Wentz who was drafted number second overall back in 2016 by the Philadelphia Eagles, went on to take them to a Super Bowl win the next year - Easton Stick came along and led the Bison to championships and then he too was drafted - he found himself going to the Los Angeles Chargers in the 5th round.

How in the heck do you follow those two greats?

Well if your name is Trey Lance you do - this talented young man will now be a rookie for the San Francisco 49ers - he was picked 3rd overall in the 2021 selection.

Future great Bison?

Say hello to Nathan Hayes. Just last Monday he gave his commitment to NDSU to play for them in 2022. According to the Inforumthe St. Charles East (IL) senior committed to the Bison on Monday "I have followed the Bison for years and just kept seeing them win and always wondered why they have all that success." 

He is among 12 other players that have committed to NDSU for next year. No doubt Bison Nation will keep its eye on him for quite a while.


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