I have to tell you, I watched this video about 50 times over to make sure I wasn't getting spoofed. I'm sure you have seen that mock video of a guy minding his own business driving on the highway, and a huge jumbo jet is swooping in right behind him,  attempting to land. Well,  THIS Video I'm about to share is the real deal.

Interesting way to shop, I would say

Just over a week ago, on a Minnesota highway, at night, a woman whose age was not mentioned decided she needed to head to the store - I guess that was her plan. Wouldn't you think the same thing if you saw a woman riding on an electric shopping cart?

MOST people I know usually take a car, or maybe a bus, or EVEN walk to the store.

The reason WHY I thought this video was FAKE was because of her erratic actions. According to KVRR, this woman at one point "... had a plastic grocery bag over her head..." Ok, well she was driving the cart with both hands, so maybe she decided to WEAR that bag so she could use it when she eventually arrived at the store.

Watching the video became nerve-wracking

I noticed several times in the video that she came very close to getting hit by normal vehicles ( you know, the ones that have license plates ) - she even left her scooter, and dove onto the grass outside the lane. At this point, I realized she may have some mental issues going on.

Thankfully a State Trooper showed up and stopped a tragedy from happening.

The woman was "...was safely transported for evaluation" - Her electric shopping cart was undamaged, so all is well that ends well. Here is hoping if it is the case that the woman is suffering from something mental, that she receives the care she needs.

#PoliceLive YouTube

Here is the other video I was telling you about - THIS one is FAKE

Djembawemba YouTube

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