Catching on like wildfire

The hottest trend around is pretty much spreading all over the United States. You can hear it in the background at sporting events, You see it through memes, and other forms of social media. Of course like any fad that seems to come out of nowhere, there are mixed reactions to it.

So who is Brandon? Why are we cheering for this Brandon person?

The phrase that we are hearing EVERWHERE is "Let's Go Brandon". Who is Brandon? We don't know, because the meaning of this saying is actually got some political fire behind it. To put it in layman's terms LGB actually means "F*** Joe Biden" This is why you'll see people with a grin on their face when they are shouting it out. How do you feel about this? Is it another example of bad taste?

What would you think if you lived in Brandon, Minnesota, and people were altering some street signs?

This was something that was bound to happen. After the whole "Let's Go Brandon" saying started taking off, someone or some people were going to make a few easy changes to the city of Brandon signs. According to valley news live "The small town of Brandon, Minnesota has gone viral after someone attached the word “Let’s Go” to the city sign. Brandon city officials say there were six city signs that had the additional wording attached." Residents of the town had mixed reactions to them. Some looked at it as just a joke, and others were not amused. All the additions to the Brandon signs have been removed

So what do you think?

Are you offended by "Let's Go Brandon", or do you just look at it as an innocent joke? The meaning behind it is obviously not flattering, but at least people are not shouting out "F*** Joe Biden" around children.

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