Just recently Scott McGowan (from our sister station Cool 98.7) put out an article on just how many cats and dogs you can legally have while living in Bismarck - I had no idea there was even a limit (3 cats/dogs). According to the Jamestownsun A Fargo woman claims a nonprofit housing developer forced her out of her Mandan home after she became pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic, meaning her family of six exceeded the number of people allowed in the house

Shukri Ahmed moved to Mandan back in 2017 to pursue a nursing career, Ahmed - a single woman with three children found a place to live - a Trails West Unit. Shukri needed to take advantage of affordable housing - Jamestownsun reported Affordable Housing Developers received $762,000 in state grants and more than $1.1 million in low-interest federal loans to build the twin homes, meaning the homes qualified for affordable housing tenants. 

At that time she was able to use housing vouchers to help pay rent - in the year  2018 she received her degree and started working - in the next 2-year span she had two more kids, with the last one in October 2020 - during those two births she sent over documentation to the housing company of their arrival, and that they were living there with her.

                          You have exceeded capacity and need to vacate or face eviction.

Just last March, Ahmed received some shocking news, Affordable Housing Developers told Ahmed her three-bedroom home had a limit of five residents based on North Dakota Housing Finance Agency regulations Jamestownsun reported. She and her kids would have to vacate by April 30th or face eviction. Obviously, the news devastated Shukri - she had expressed that she was having trouble making a living, as a nurse working the frontlines through the whole pandemic.

She has asked for help from Legal Services of North Dakota - and now she and High Plains Housing Center Inc. have turned to a federal judge to help resolve this.

This whole thing seems ridiculous to me, you are going to punish a single hard-working mother, who was there in the trenches working as a nurse during the pandemic, and throw her and her kids out?


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