I am writing this story for one sole reason, to apologize to a family who just lost a loved one

On Christmas day there was an accident on Ward County Highway 15 between Minot and the Burlington area. A young man by the name of Matthew Melbarzdis, 23, was driving home when he lost control of his vehicle due to the slippery road conditions - a combination of snow and ice. Matthew and his truck ended up in a ditch, where he was trapped as it flipped onto its roof. First responders showed up and extracted him from the vehicle and transported Melbarzdis to the hospital.

I called it "A True Miracle In North Dakota On Christmas Day"

In the article that I wrote on December 28th, I praised those that came on the scene of the accident "First responders extracted him from his vehicle and performed life-saving measures". I then had this to say at the very end "Matthew was given a special gift that day he will never forget. I had no idea that this young man never woke up from that terrible moment out on the highway on Christmas day.

A friend of the family saw my story. I had failed to mention the real aftermath of that crash

The only information I had was that he was in critical condition, and taken to Trinity. Sometimes I write with my emotions leading the way, I made a mistake and just assumed that this 23-year-old man would make a recovery. I'm sorry for any of his friends or family that saw my initial story, for I can only imagine the pain they went through ( and are still feeling ) over the loss of their loved one. According to thedickinsonpress.com "Highway Patrol was informed by the family of Melbarzdis that he died as a result of injuries from the crash" My heart goes out to the family and friends of Matthew Melbarzdis.

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