According to Game and Fish, it looks like this was a good nesting season. 

Pheasant population are up 6% year over year and it looks like this will be a very plentiful fall once it shakes out. That, of course, is speculation, but the numbers indicate it pretty strongly.

According to KFYR

The department said this spring's count is an indicator of what the fall numbers will look like, but not a prediction. A more thorough survey will be conducted from July through September.

According to upland game management biologist R.J. Gross, the plentiful precipitation in the region has provided good nesting areas for the rising population.

It looks like this October is going to be a fun time for Pheasant season, these birds better get some exercise this summer.

It's great news for all the pheasant hunters in the Bisman area.

Stay tuned to us as we will give you updates as we get them.


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