I first heard about this at the store late this afternoon ( Friday )

Coming home from work this afternoon, I stopped by the store to get some things and I couldn't help overhearing a conversation right down the aisle. A woman was talking on her cell phone with a worried look on her face, she kept saying something about a shooting that took place here in Bismarck last night. The details were slim, and she kept telling the person on the other line that she was getting more and more concerned every week.

I almost forgot about this woman until I came home and saw a short news blip about it.

According to KFYR TV "Bismarck police are investigating a shooting between two vehicles in the 600 block of North 21st Street. Bismarck police say at about 8 p.m. Thursday..." I remembered more of what the woman was saying, that she has a friend that lives close by and that this person says she hears gunshots in the early hours all the time.

Police found shell casings from a pistol on the ground

KFYR TV added that police found shell casings from a pistol on the ground and that "...the occupant of a car could be seen on home security camera footage shooting at a pickup truck." There has been no other news if any arrests were made.

My question to you is, do you feel safe here In Bismarck/Mandan?

My answer, absolutely 100% yes. There are people that always seem to report "hearing shots at night" on Facebook, yet I never hear of any random violence targeted at anyone. I feel very secure with Bismarck/Mandan police department and that we are lucky to live in a city that law enforcement genuinely cares for their community. It's easy to upset others when they have no idea of all the facts.

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