Just an average Friday afternoon, with many people at work daydreaming about the upcoming weekend...

...then the posts start showing up on their computers - talk about a Shelter in place at a local college. Immediately people want to find out more as they respond with questions or comments.- here is what came down about twenty minutes " There is currently a Shelter in place at the University Of Mary" I skimmed through some of the comments both so far haven't gathered any further information.

It's so easy to become nervous about anything that may come up, whether it's a prank or not

So I tried calling numerous times over at U of M and only received an answering machine, and I pretty much exhausted all other avenues until this was just posted about ten minutes ago from an anonymous

"UMary Update
Dear Colleagues,
Around Noon today, we learned of a possible bomb threat to campus. In consultation with the Burleigh County Sherriff’s Department, who is on site, we are asking faculty and staff to search their current location for any suspicious objects. If a suspicious object is found, do not touch it and call 701.355.8177 immediately. If no suspicious object is found, please call the same number to notify Campus Safety and Security that the area is clear.
We are grateful for your assistance in keeping your students safe and calm"

At the time of this writing, there was one report of a possible arrest

There are no ties as far as we know to the report of the bomb threat at the South Walmart back on February 9th. One person did comment on the U of M post and said that an arrest was made, but it hasn't been confirmed.



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