The barrage of bad news is overwhelming. From our economy getting slammed, to depression setting in,people panicking, the coronavirus seems unstoppable. The greatest fear is for everyone to lose hope, and fall into a deeper hole of depression. The coronavirus has spread all over the country. Death toll climbing, businesses shut down, everyday events closed, are we all doomed?

Out of the darkest clouds, comes thin rays of sunshine. The Cleveland Clinic showing great strides towards producing quicker results. For more on this, click here. South Korea has reported some info on their daily coronavirus count, which has dropped significantly in the last month-For more on that, head here. Every second of the day, there is someone, or some group working hard to bring us out of these scary times. Researchers of the Erasmus Medical claim to have found an antibody against coronavirus. Read more on this possible discovery by clicking here.

We can either completely give up hope, or we can all stay positive that the stories I have submitted, can lift our spirits for the near future.


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