Let's face it, Bismarck isn't for everyone and some people should never move here.

Many of you, including myself, move away after college but we end up back in our hometown of Bismarck despite these 10 reasons to stay away.

  • You Have to Suffer Through Four Seasons

    Ugh, is there anything worse than a hot coffee on a beautiful fall day? Not to mention boating on the river in the summer or snowboarding and sledding in the winter.

    Having to enjoy all each season has to offer is the absolute worst.

  • Terrible Scenery

    North Dakota sunsets? Yuck. Especially over the Missouri River or out at Fort Lincoln.

  • Too Much History

    Bismarck is filled with entirely too much history. There's Fort Mandan, the Heritage Center and landmarks all over the place. No thanks.

  • Too Many Sport Teams

    What was wrong with keeping the sporting events to a minimum in Bismarck? Bobcats hockey, the Wolves and high school sports. Now you have the Bismarck Larks and the Bucks? This is just too much.

  • Downtown Has Become Too Busy

    Have you been to Downtown Bismarck lately? There's a store or restaurant on every corner! How am I supposed to choose where to have brunch with all these options? Don't even get me started on all the events like German Days, Street Fair and Urban Harvest.

  • People Are Too Nice

    The people of Bismarck are just too nice. Can you believe a stranger actually spent an hour of their time last winter helping me dig my car out of a giant snow bank? Annoying.

  • Too Many Free Activities

    Have you noticed how many free events there are in Bismarck? Movies in the park, free swim and ice skating days and more. If you aren't familiar, check out the Bismarck Parks and Rec website.

  • The Commutes Are Too Short

    According to datausa.com, the average commute for someone in Bismarck is 17.8 minutes. That's definitely not long enough to listen to your favorite podcast or radio show. My commute is roughly 6.2 minutes. That barely gives me enough time to find something to listen to!

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