I recently caved in on one of those social media adds and purchased a garage light.  Little did I know at the time, the light fixture would be coming from China.  It took several weeks before the package made it to my residence in Lincoln.  When I got the box it had Chinese symbols and I thought to myself..."I wonder if the Corona virus can be transferred from a box?"  Well, as it turns out, it maybe can.

According to the experts:  There are now at least 108 cases of coronavirus in the U.S., along with nine deaths.

According to a story on KFYR-TV-The virus originated in China, and there are many ways it can spread.

The known method of transmission is from droplet nuclei.

That means it spreads from respiratory tract secretions from coughing and sneezing.

These droplets can infect someone through the air or on surfaces. That means things you touch every day, like packages, could become a potential health hazard.

Millions of packages are delivered every day.

"We order all of our parts online. We order usually twice a week because we get free shipping," said Epic Technolohies phone repair technician Blaine Thomas.

These packages are handed off, making their way into small businesses and homes.

Many times, coming from the center of outbreak in China to North Dakota.

"If it's straight from the factory with minimal hands touching it, that's one thing. But, what if it's like a package where a whole bunch of people have had to touch it before it getting to you. Then, that's a much higher risk," said Noe Mateo, infectious disease consultant at Sanford Health in Bismarck.

Something to think about before you make your next order.