There are three dates now in Mandan history that we will always remember. These are times we will think back when the words Horrific, Confusion, and Closure come into play.

HORRIFIC - April 1, 2019 -

Four employees from the RJR Maintenance and Management office in Mandan are found murdered in cold blood.

CONFUSION - April 4, 2019

Chad Isaak, a 47-year old chiropractor in Washburn was detained near his mobile home for the murders in Mandan - All of us had the same question? WHY? What was the motive for this accused individual?

CLOSURE - August 20, 2021

After a long 2 plus years of agony (which will never go away for the families and friends) at 10:34, this morning Judge David Reich read the verdict - GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. So does this put to rest the pain that Isaak inflicted? The answer to that is NO.

RJR went live this afternoon with an extremely emotional press conference

Just after 3:00 this afternoon, Jackie Fakler (widow of slain husband Robert Fakler) and several other RJR employees held a quick press conference of their televised announcement at their business where the slayings took place. This was a classy gesture thanking everyone involved with the investigation, to the arrest, and conviction of a mad man. Jackie stood proudly in front of her staff and shared some deep heartfelt feelings - "My partner in business, my partner in life, I miss all the dreams we had". She went on to express the "loved ones in all of their lives, we miss your kind spirit"

Without a doubt, the most poignant answer came towards the end of the conference

Someone in the small audience asked Jackie this simple question - "How are you feeling right now" - her answer stung all of our hearts - "Well honestly it didn't take care of anything - we don't know why. It changed us, we'll never get that back. But we'll move on, we'll succeed"

Life does go on, and painful memories never end





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