'Tis the season for Salvation Army bell ringers!  You see them everywhere, selflessly standing outside in all conditions to raise money for the Salvation Army.  You've probably felt bad every time you didn't toss a handful of change in their bucket.  Well, maybe you'll think of this guy next time you're heading into a store and there's a bell ringer out front!

Over the weekend, Jamie Richardson of Gulfport, MS set a new world record by ringing a Salvation Army bell for 151 straight hours!  If you're too lazy to do the math, that ends up being more than six days straight.  Richardson accomplished this incredible feat in front of a 24-hour Walmart in Biloxi, MS, reaching the 151st hour on Saturday morning surrounded by family and friends.  Six days!  No sleep!

If this guy can spend the better part of a week ringing a bell, the least you can do is reach into your pockets and toss a couple of coins in the bucket next time you're out and about!