Here is hoping what happened in Bismarck today can set a clear example of a "joke" that can cause terror

I understand that kids can make mistakes, like all of us. But in this arena, there is NO room for jokes, not even an inch. Pretending to produce violence in a school can bring back so many memories of past shootings, that took innocent lives and destroyed families. It's downright horrendous to think that such individuals would think nothing of it to plan and pull off such a dangerous stunt, even if was an intended joke. Think I'm overreacting just a bit? Fortunately, the Bismarck Police Department takes this extremely seriously also.

An online threat here in Bismarck painted a clear picture of disaster

According to KFYRTV.COM "Bismarck police say they arrested two teens for making an online shooting threat at one of the high schools" The report continued "...They circulated a picture of a semi-automatic rifle on Snapchat with the caption “Don’t go to school tomorrow.” Here is the part that most of us can't really understand, the teens created the whole drama as just a joke. A joke!!! Thank goodness the police aren't accepting the attempted gag. The teens were tracked down, and the police plan on holding them accountable.

Again, I know juveniles can do some pretty stupid things, but this is just flat-out disturbing

School shootings are a reality, they happen from time to time with mentally unstable people holding a firearm. A picture of a semi-automatic rifle only stirs up images of death, and when the message titled underneath the photo mentions a school then it's IMPOSSIBLE to find any humor in that whatsoever.

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