These tragedies keep happening .... I don't know what to say.

According to USA today there was a Shooting at the headquarters of Youtube today wherein a woman opened fire and then committed suicide hitting 4 people who are being treated at a local hospital.

There have been 18 school shootings since January and while this isn't one of them ( because it was at a business rather than a school), it is similar to the fact that it was a random act of violence by someone who was possibly retaliating from some personal issue.

Where to begin? Is this a gun issue? is this a Mental health issue ? It doesn't seem like these problems are being addressed  outside of some political march or some dialogue on gun laws.

At some point I feel it just would be safer to arm ourselves just in case something happens to us at work  while the bureaucrats are fighting over legislation to try to fix the problem. Obviously it's just a thought on my part but at some point when are these events going to be tactically handled to minimize these threats.

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