The road to recovery from alcoholism and addiction is long and hard. There is no shortcut - Some may try and go through the motions, faking others and most importantly themself. Nothing in life is guaranteed, you can tell everyone that you are absolutely done, you've had your last drink, however, unless you surrender 100% you WILL continue to use and abuse until you fall even deeper towards that "Rock Bottom" - unfortunately, many will die without giving themselves a chance. I know from experience that I lived a life of failure, despair, guilt for many years - so many times I told myself "I could quit ANYTIME I wanted to". When I eventually tried, it was impossible - I was in my own hell - and when the shakes came and wouldn't go away, I knew my problem was real.

There are places that offer fairly quick recovery, 30-day programs, and such, but for those that are walking the very thin line between life and death, sober living is a must. According to KFYR-TV 

The Summit Silver Creek Center is a former man camp that has been transformed into a place where those struggling with addiction can find help.

Actually, there are two places, Summit Silver Creek and Summit Prairie Recovery Center - they offer help to men and women who are suffering from addiction. When you are a resident there, you can stay longer than the traditional 30 days - education/ addiction counseling, NA/AA meetings take place. You gradually come to realize that there is a wonderful life available - where you can escape from the outside world for a bit, and focus on recovery. One of THE most glorious moments is when you reach the point where you suddenly realize that the "Obsession has been lifted". Where your constant thoughts are not where your next drink is. Taking your life back is what you deserve, and living a sober life is a new gift of freedom.

If you are suffering OR you think you may be headed in that direction, click here and begin your journey.


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