Some thoughts at the end of week three in the NFL.

As Tom Brady looked like he wanted to cry at the end of this stunning defeat at the hands of the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night Football, it got me thinking how similar these games were all day.

There were shocking upsets this week up and down the schedule:

  • Green Bay and hobbling Aaron Rodgers get smoked in D.C. Maybe he should get a week off to heal up a little? Somehow the (seemingly) 50-year-old Adrian Peterson ran wild on them.
  • Browns get that first win by shocking the Jets with a rookie QB
  • Josh Allen and the Bills run The Vikings out of their own building. Some degenerate gambler in Vegas is drinking champagne right now for going with the underdog.
  • The game I started off this blog with. Detroit beating the Patriots at home. Hopefully, things get better for the Pats once Julian Edelman gets back and Josh Gordon gets on the field.

It was a very weird but entertaining week of football.

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