I could tell today was a special day seconds after I logged on to Facebook

This morning when I woke up, I did what so many others do, I grabbed my cell phone and checked my Facebook page. Within minutes I realized how special today is. Usually, you see the same old posts about what people are up to, or some whacky meme here and there. This morning the 11th of November, I came across so many people honoring a loved one who had served in our military. A black and white photo of their father in uniform. Today is Veterans Day, a day to remember the fallen.

There will events all over the country scheduled for today

There is one thing you can easily do yourself to pay respects to our men and women who have served our country in the past. Reach out and shake the hand of someone who is serving our country now. Let them hear your gratitude and that you appreciate their commitment. There are events all over the country paying respect, and right here in Bismarck, at the Heritage Center starting at 10:00 am, a list of events is planned.

Take a couple of seconds out of your day and think to yourself all the brave military men and women who have paid the ultimate price in their dedication to keep America free.

One of my favorite memories of my mom is this, no matter where she was, or what she was doing, if she saw a person wearing a military uniform, she would stop them and ask for a hug and then say "Thank you for what you do for us". A simple way of paying respects. Every day we should never forget our heroes and ALWAYS take a second or two to give thanks to anyone you see representing our military.

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