At some point, I will get an English Bulldog as a Pet but for the time being, I'm curious if I'm missing something about the type of dog I'm looking for.

So I was talking to Alexa Yesterday and her favourite dog is a golden retriever. Might be a Seattle thing, It also might be a mental health thing if I'm having conversations with a smart speaker and thinking so much about the answers that I share it in a blog.

According to the Bismarck  Tribune,  The Labrador retriever is the Best breed to have in town, followed by the Golden retriever, The German Shepard, the Rat terrier and to round out the top 5 the Cockerspaniel.  Did see the American Bulldog on the list but not the English. maybe I should revisit my decision-making process.

I'm curious, which dog do you think is the Best Dog to have as a pet in Bismarck?


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