The website Thrillist put together a list of the best small town bar's in every state and here's North Dakota's 

If you are traveling close to the border and wanted to make a pit stop to hang for a while, The A-Frame Bar and Grill might be just what the doctor ordered.


Here's the skinny on this bar:

When the uninitiated think of North Dakota, it's likely they're imagining vast plains more than charming lake towns, but the latter is exactly what you get in Bottineau, and there is no better place to enjoy it than the humble A Frame. Located right on Lake Metigoshe, the triangular oasis serves as a warm and comforting place to enjoy walleye and the requisite shot-skis in the winter in its cabin-like ambiance, while the summer takes full advantage of the property's sprawling deck, where BBQ and live music complement the laid-back vibe. Grab a Jell-O shot or a beer, order a burger, and bask in the sunlight under the high ceilings: This is North Dakota lake life at its finest, and might just change naysayers' minds of what the state has to offer.

This is definitely a place to stop in on the way to Winnipeg if you're driving. It would also become a nice place to hang out during the summer while kicking back on the lake. 

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