Every city is different, but it's interesting to find out when everyone parties in this town. 

It was Saturday night at about 11 pm when I ventured out to my first stop but after about 3 more stops I realized that it wasn't my night, the bars were dead. Then after speaking with some coworkers, I realized that I had it all wrong. The bars actually close at 1am which means by the time I get to the bar at 12'ish , everything is winding down and dying out.

The best time I am told to go out is probably between 8-10pm ... Which is the time I'm sitting on my couch figuring out the set up and pre-gaming.  That's something I'm going to check out this weekend to see if it's legit, but it sounds right.  I also heard of the huge amount of people that day drink in this town which would make for any fun Saturday and Sunday.

After a couple of months, I think I'm finally getting up to speed in this town !

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