If you run or do any physical outdoor activity in town, you know her name. 

April Lund, the elite marathoner has her hands in a number of different activities around town and it's all for a good cause. The GYS Track club ( stands for  "Get you some" ) is a club she runs a number of different 5k's and half marathons through. She also participates in Marathons all over the country and the world. There was a time though when it wasn't so.

About four years ago, I was an alcoholic. I was 90 pounds heavier. Forty-four-point-eight percent body fat,” she recalls. “I never thought that today I would be training for the Olympics.”

That’s no small feat for anyone — but even more impressive, considering this personal trainer from Bismarck is 36 years old. That’s about six years older than the average elite runner.

“When I won the Bismarck half-marathon in 2017 — it actually gives me goosebumps — my coach told me that I was gonna show people what it’s like to not talk about it, but to be about it,” Lund says.

The Running club she formed has 200 members in only their 2nd year and it's one of her most valuable gifts to the Capital city.  So...what is April up to today?

She is still working her way back from a leg injury in Prague. But she hopes to be at full strength for the Berlin Marathon in September, where she will once again attempt to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials.

Fiery man,  and Inspirational.

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