I take this same route Monday through Friday and it still keeps me on my toes

Most of us find ourselves in "Auto-Pilot" mode when driving to and from work five days a week. It's not like we take anything for granted, BUT unless we have anything out of the ordinary happen ( like a flat tire ) or if there is an accident somewhere along your route, it's generally smooth sailing. That's how it was for me, until recently.

This half-mile stretch demands 100% of your attention...

...and that obviously should be the line of thinking EVERY TIME you get behind the wheel - in my opinion, without a doubt, the most harrowing half-mile stretch in Bismarck and Mandan is on the 94-West highway. Road construction is no stranger in town - especially after winter leaves us - so we usually are prepared for that - when you cross over the Grant Marsh Bridge heading towards Mandan - get ready to make that quick make-shift exit left...

...Here comes the most dangerous part by far

What used to be two lanes in both directions, are now just one, with cones dividing the middle, and cement barriers that run along the right side - with very little room on either side of your vehicle.


See that wall barreling down on you? PLEASE stop texting, nothing is as important as keeping your two hands on the steering wheel. Coming back the other way ( 94 East ) at the same point doesn't feel so dangerous - But once again, I urge you to be as cautious as can be - I mean we may lightly talk about this stretch of road at work, but it demands your full attention.


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