Pretty hard to even begin thinking about that...

...and yet it is a remote possibility. This is one of a few possible solutions that are being considered involving the Missouri River and Interstate 94. Guess how long the Grant Marsh Bridge has been up and around - if you immediately thought of "At least 50 years..." you would find yourself fairly close - according to the North Dakota Department of Transportation the bridge was built back in 1965. In that 58-year time frame, there hasn't been any major work done, improvements, or startling adjustments - time has caught up with the Grant Marsh Bridge - so what is destined to happen with our familiar friend?

Some innovative ideas are being discussed for future developments

Key issues have been brought up involving the I-94 and I-194 interchange - thoughts on building a larger loop - expanding from the smaller existing one that is there now. Now check out this scenario that has been brought up - try and imagine a tunnel  - a tunnel? Here is the deal, of course, we all drive over the beautiful Missouri River most days without taking a second to admire the "Natural area near the highway"  - once again according to the North Dakota Department of Transportation "One solution to reduce potential impacts to the natural area would be to tunnel under the Missouri River, which would be “extremely impactful to other properties in the area and carry a hefty price tag,” according to the presentation. Costs for a tunnel were not disclosed"

Hey, maybe we could hold a "Build A Tunnel In Bismarck" Telethon? 

You just never know what can and could happen.


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