It's funny that we have come full circle in the beer cycle. 

It seems in 2018 that the ABV arms race has ended and session IPA's and craft lagers are gathering steam in a market that has a call for "Crushable beers" or in layman's terms, low ABV beers. The market nationwide is $100 million which still qualifies as a niche in the craft beer world, but breweries are slowly moving in that direction because of profitability.

According to the site Thrillist, the market has slowly gone in that direction mainly because of craft cocktails. Many consumers in that genre like to mix alcohol with their beer.

Then there's still that idea of having a gourmet beer as opposed to the macro beers that exist so they would taste better than a Bud light but of course not be as cheap as it.

In a town like Bismarck, where there is a stigma of drinking for value, this can be a good way to try new breweries at the retail store in the 15 or 18  pack realm. It doesn't translate to the tap though wherein you're probably looking at 6.00 a pint anyway with no drink specials. At least the beer will taste good though at the bar.

So when you see that 18 pack of All Day IPA from Founders at your local beer store, don't feel weird for buying it because you're not the only one that's going that route.


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