The pros and con's of having an energy filled animal like a piglet running around your house as a pet. So It's National Pet day and it got me thinking . In this town, I would think a Piglet as a pet would be common, then I really thought what would be the pro's and cons of actually getting one... Here are some:

Pros: The piglet is cute, smart and has tons of personality. You bring a girl home and she sees that cute piglet napping in the corner you are IN man !

Cons: They get into EVERYTHING, if they don't get what they want they will squeal to no end, They will destroy your kitchen and anything in their path. It's very rare to find a veterinarian that specializes in Piglets as well so when they get sick... good luck. They will also test your patience .

Here's a site that will give you more information on owning a piglet Mini Piglet .com 

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