This is the perfect time to check out the best Christmas beers around.

This list was not taken from the accredited site Beer Advocate, mainly because we are not talking to beer hipsters in Williamsburgh Brooklyn. Today we are talking to the consumer, the everyday joe that likes interesting beers in Bismarck -Mandan.

According to the site 52 brews:  Here are some suggestions.

Great Lakes Ale

Great Lakes Christmas Ale 

From Great Lakes Brewing out of Ohio comes this spicy ale that can be enjoyed even before the season is upon us, and well after it is over.

With its enchanting flavors of fresh honey, cinnamon, and ginger, Great Lakes is the best Christmas ale to wash down the roast duck, spiced desserts, and a host of other holiday fares. Setting it all off is a rich, reddish-amber hue.

This is a nice rich Ginger forward beer that works but isn't overpowering. 

Troegs Mad Elf

Tröegs Mad Elf

Tröegs Mad Elf is a product of the Tröegs Brewing Company out of Pennsylvania. A Belgian Strong Dark Ale, it has an ABV of 11.00%, making it a pretty potent Christmas beer.

Mad Elf has a captivating blend of flavors, with no less than three malts–Munich, pilsner, and chocolate–imbuing the brew with their distinctive sweetness. The addition of Pennsylvania honey and West Coast Cherries further lend subtle fruit and spice flavors to this brew.

Have a couple of these and you're uber bound ... I personally am not a cherry guy and its pretty heavy on that cherry flavor. 

Anchor Christmas Beer 

Anchor Ale

Made by California’s Anchor Brewing Company, Anchor is a winter warmer with an ABV 6.7%. Also marketed as Anchor Our Special Ale, it is available only from early November to mid-January.

Although the recipe changes slightly from year to year, there is no mistaking the spicy flavors that make this one of the best Christmas brews you can buy. Make sure to add this to your list when doing your holiday groceries. It’s definitely worth a try!

Great Christmas beer! The recipe does change every year but for the better. Also if you're looking to gift this beer, it additionally comes in magnums... Put that under a tree!

 Prairie Christmas Bomb

Prairie Christmas Bomb

Prairie Christmas Bomb is an American Imperial Stout brewed by Prairie Artisan Ales out of Oklahoma. With a staggering ABV of 13.00%, it is definitely one of the most potent holiday beers around. Nevertheless, it has a rich blend of flavors that you will remember long after the buzz has worn off.

Boasting of exquisite notes of espresso and vanilla beans, chocolate, and even ancho chili peppers, this is a good, robust beer with a strong and lingering character.

Incredible flavors and high ABV... Now that's the Bomb!


Hopefully, this list was helpful, because there is nothing better than showing up to the Holiday party with a six pack of oooh and aaaah!


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