Observational comedian Tom Papa is coming to Bismarck-Mandan and playing the Belle Mehus Auditorium this October.

Much to the style of Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Papa is a comedian that takes anecdotes from normal life and presents them in a funny way. I saw a good set by this guy on Conan a  year ago and he's pretty funny. If you want to judge by yourself here's an excerpt of the set on Conan Obrien. Seinfeld was always good at questioning things in everyday life wherein this guy is funny in situations. He paints a nice picture and has a really good take on things like working out, married life etc. Very sarcastic and very funny.

It's really hard to do clean comedy in this day and age because you have to be a gifted writer of observational situations and have to be really good at writing jokes that don't demand exaggerated and sometimes cuss filled punchlines to drive the point home. In today's comedy it is kinda rare.

Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld , Ray Romano , and Tom Papa are some of these types of guys. I will say he is funnier than Ray Romano who reminds me of an annoying Italian kid on your block when you were growing up. Actually, lets just pretend that I didn't bring up Ray Romano in this conversation:)

If you want to check out this guy's set here's the link you can go to purchase tickets.  Belle Mehus Auditorium  There's a pre-sale happening on Thursday April 5th  with an exclusive password from Jade presents .com. 


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