Ok, guys, I am not ratting out anyone for having cried like a weepy 4-year old during these movies. I am just passing on this list from Goliath.com. I mean after all why in the world would we be weak-kneed over a toy cowboy doll? When you think about how foolish it would be to blabber over a goofy looking visitor from another planet! Yet somehow these movies just floor us with emotion, and how crazy is it that actor Tom Hanks has a major role in four of the ten movies? There are some real-life matters that get addressed, Toy Story 3 deals with relationships and the growth of a youth trying to leave behind his childhood buddy. Saving Private Ryan delivers the horrors of war and the one movie that should sock everybody straight in the stomach and bring back memories of real pain - Old Yeller - A boy and his faithful dog. Need I say more? For more comments on this Top 10 list - Click Here.


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