This time of year all around the country always brings out a RICH tradition

You can't miss it, that's for sure. Whether there is just one or a pair, OR maybe a full troop, the Girl Scouts are out and about selling their FAMOUS cookies. So when I say those three words "Girl Scout Cookies" - what do you immediately think of? There are a couple of things that pop into my brain - here is the first image:

Girl Scouts Facebook Page
Girl Scouts Facebook Page

Ahh my favorite cookie - Samoas - A magical blend of Crisp cookies with caramel, coconut, and chocolaty stripes.

The second thing that I think of right away is this:

Ron Ryckman
Ron Ryckman

This is an issue WE all seem to run across for at least a few weeks or so. What do we say to the Girl Scouts working hard to sell their goodies...Well in my experience ( yes I have often used some of these ) in the past of overhearing, and delivering some responses as to WHY you are breaking the hearts of the young children...

...Here are the Top 5 "Reasons" to a North Dakota Girl Scout WHY you can't buy her cookies.

1) "Ahhh darn it - I just bought 40 boxes yesterday..."

2) "I'm sorry, I always buy from a family member"

.....this next "REASON" won't work anymore...

3) "Just my luck, I don't have any loose cash on me..."  ****Girl Scouts take credit Cards, Venmo, Cash App, Gas Cards etc...

4) " Wish I could, it's against my religion though"

5) "Just started a new diet"  ( like 3-4 seconds ago )


To sum all this up, I know some people will go out of their way to avoid the tables all setup, and the young scouts doing their best to raise money - do what you can to help out. They are a wonderful group of young girls carrying on the amazing, delicious tradition of taking care of others.


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