As I was riding along state street  I saw this.

Originally, I didn't know what it was. I thought it probably was a hunting association or maybe an NRA meeting site. What I found out, was a pretty interesting sport called trap shooting. 

Trap shooting is a sport that allows you to shoot clay pigeons that are shot previously in the air.  I believe the better you get at hitting those pigeons, the better you can possibly snag a live pheasant or quail while you're out in the marsh bird hunting. 

The cool thing about this place is that it’s pretty inexpensive to join and participate.  Like 25 pigeons would only cost you 6 bucks if you were a member. Membership for the family is only $30 for the whole year.

Other things I learned is that they have a league that starts on May 15th and runs for 14 weeks and they have a youth program that begins on July 4th. 

Trap shooting ... who knew ... and I always thought it was for like really rich people in the back of their mansions.  That, of course, is how that sport is depicted on TV. It's good to learn the real deal about this sport. 

Here are some links if there's some interest:


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