Remember when Alpha-Lit Bismarck came on the scene?

An electric place that has made special events in town so charming. Alpha-Lit was born with the main purpose to add love and its own flair to enhance wherever they are - a  business that will help catapult any event, any special occasion you can possibly think of. Well, the same people who gave us Alpha-Lit have now delivered another wonderful business - Jamie Thrasher and Leah Stanley just recently opened Recor, LLC - ( stands for Rental Decor )

Check out their first Recor item, how cool would this be to have at one of your events?

How convenient to have this out at one of your special events -  their first Recor item is a decorative cart that can be used as a dessert cart, candy cart, mimosa bar, coffee bar, etc. for any kind of wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, etc. Take a look at the cover picture of this article - clearly, a conversation piece loaded with charm, and will highlight any function, as you can tell by the photo it was the perfect addition to a baby shower to display their sweet treats.

At such an extremely low cost, this is the perfect vehicle if you will, you'll ever need

The cart can be rented for $100 if they pick it up and set it up themselves, set up takes 10-20 minutes and is super easy, doesn't require any tools. For $150, it can be rented including delivery/setup and pickup. Check out their latest rental wagon!

. These two ladies have everything you need for your special day/event. To book this awesome cart, you can email or call them at 701-955-3921  -  catch them on Facebook  - Here is the thing, you can't lose when you have two people who put their heart and soul into making YOUR event special!

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