On the day before free agency hit, the Minnesota Vikings made a big splash! Here's who they got:

The Minnesota Vikings, picked by many pundits to reach the Superbowl with sort of backup QB Case Keenam, put it all to rest today by agreeing in principle to give former Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins the richest deal in NFL history to be the face of the franchise.

The deal on paper is for 84 million dollars in 3 years. The reason it's the richest is because for the first time in the NFL this contract is FULLY GUARANTEED. To see the full details of the deal here is NFL insider site Spotrac.com

How did this happen ? How did a guy like Kirk Cousins get on the market uninjured ? I mean here's a guy that threw for 4,000 yards to no-one for 3 years in Washington and they just release him after franchising him for 2 years? Do they know something that we don't know ? Or is it the Redskins just being the Redskins ?

My only memory of Kirk is him beating my guy Russel Wilson when he was in Wisconsin in college on a last second Hail Mary while playing for Michigan State and I thought "wow this guy might be something ". I personally think he's not as flashy as the elite QB's but there's something sneaky about him in games that you can't count out.

So if you're a Vikings fan, I would start counting the days till training camp begins  because you might finally get to the promise land.  Unless of course Russel and my Seahawks are standing in the way :)


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