Medicine is not the only way for a person to heal. Music is a powerful thing, and a local Sanford Health doctor is going viral for her beautiful voice. Dr. Kathy Perkerewicz is going viral for her singing. The view count of Dr. Perkerewicz video is currently at 6.8 thousand and growing.

The song Dr. Perkerewicz sings in the viral video is "Hallelujah." She may have been practicing for the hospital's end-of-the-year variety show, but she actually sings in the hospital all the time. Dr. Perkerewicz told KFYR-TV that she sings in the operating room and during deliveries. Get the full story from KFYR-TV here.

I have attached the original performance from Dr. Perkerewicz, but if you watch the news story from KFYR-TV, you are going to want to bust out a tissue. Dr. Perkerewicz is emotional over the outpour of love she has received from the video. She is clearly a woman who is doing what she does out of love for the people in her community. Singing is such a personal thing and she is doing it to spread joy. That joy is now clearly reaching many in our community.

Thank you to Dr. Kathy Perkerewicz and others like her in the medical profession - especially at this time. I cannot imagine how tough this pandemic has been on doctors, nurses, and everyone else who works in a hospital. And the fact that people like Dr. Perkerewicz are going above and beyond to serve their communities shows the goodness in the world.

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