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Santa Claus
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Kid's have had it up to here with distance-learning Santa...

Lesley Rigg

Well come see Santa at the drive through on Thursday December 17th, during Mandan's Great Gift Giveaway!  And Santa's bringing a bag with 300 presents!


So, December 17th, starting at 5 PM, Mandan invites community members to line up with your kids or grandkids- or for that matter any kids, and grab a gift for each child PRESENT while the presents last.

Your journey begins at Hirsch Florist and Gifts on West Main and continues through their parking lot and west to the front of the Depot where Santa and his elves, will be distributing gifts for the kids, and some Mandan sales incentives for the adults.

Here's the part where I size-shame my once friend Mandan Progress Organization Executive Director Dot Frank, she needs to be one of Santa's sidekicks.  Dot, you're a natural! Not because of your size but because of your smile!  (Did I just get out of that?)

It just seems to me that the little kids will be pretty gosh darn happy and anxious waiting in line for Santa, today's kiddos are used to the drive through.  The toy might not be fancy, but what drive through toy is?

But, you're not done yet. Thursday's Great Gift Giveaway is Mandan's outreach to shop at home for the holidays.  Saturday December 19th from 2-5 PM, The MPO is hosting a Candy Caravan where many participating Mandan merchants will be offering special treats and holiday sales specials to thank everyone for keeping it local.

I like it Mandan. In a tumultuous time, community has to pull together and celebrate best we can.

Here's some details of all the events...remember the dates as they're a week away.

Stay merry y'all.

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