It's the most wonderful time of the year...for the most cold-hearted people around.

Pittsburgh's WTAE did a report about a man who hung Santa Claus from a noose outside of his home and while getting reaction, the station met Carpenter, who had a surprisingly un-Christmas-like take on the matter:

I thought it was great … people need to stop blowing smoke up their kids ass. They need to be taught the truth from young on: Life sucks, deal with it.”

You can fast forward to the 22-second mark to hear Carpenter's eloquent words. The homeowner who put Santa on the noose, meanwhile, says he only did it to show his disdain for the commercialization of the holiday. Carpenter is on-board with that, too, saying, "It’s all about the money and these businesses getting money. If I’m buying gifts, I’m making someone else richer, and I’m going further in the ditch."

Geez, maybe Carpenter and the guy who strung up Santa ought to consider getting together. They seem like soul mates because misery loves company and these two are about as miserable as you can get.

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