Santa Claus is not coming to town. The song says he is, but, in reality, we know he's not.

The question of how to break the news to kids that Santa Claus is not real has vexed parents for years. When they're three and you take Junior to the mall to sit on Kris Kringle's lap, there's nothing wrong with him thinking that jolly Saint Nick is a real person. But as he gets older, the issue becomes fuzzier and there's even some research suggesting that lying to your kids about his existence can damage your relationship with your offspring (see below video).

Yes, you may be responsible for your child's trust issues -- all simply by trying to keep a smile on his or her face by perpetuating they myth that some obese man in a velvet red suit hauls a sleigh full of toys in the sky one night a year for millions of kids. If your kid is gifted, he'd probably realize there is no logical way Santa can travel so much with so many toys in such a short period of time.

So, the question remains: when should you tell children isn't real? Sure, it may depend on each individual, but, as a general rule, do you feel there is a most fitting age?

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