Now, is this another form of convenience or laziness?

Walmart is rolling out a new service that allows you to order your groceries online and have it delivered to your fridge. Yes, the deliverer goes into your house and puts them in the fridge.

You pay more for this type of delivery as well as have a special lock on your door that the delivery person has access to. That person also has a body cam on as they are putting the items in the fridge and entering and leaving the house.


I can see this being a value to someone who is a workaholic and travels a lot, but I can see the dangers of something like this.  One of the dangers being that delivery person casing your house for his buddy the burgerler to clean you out at a later time.

This service has already been test-marketed in New Jersey and is coming to Vero Beach Florida, Kansas City and Pittsburgh. Bismarck could be probably later in the year.

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