There was no way I was NOT going to miss this post this morning

If you live here in Bismarck/Mandan I am hoping the same thing happened to you. Just about 48 minutes ago yet another textbook example of what living in this State is all about, specifically in our city. My daily ritual is to hop on board the computer and take my mouse for a ride - checking out the news, and my Facebook page, which eventually leads me to the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group page. I saw this photo almost right away...

Mollie Schulz Facebook
Mollie Schulz Facebook

.....followed by a post from Mollie Schulz:

"Are there any teenagers with lawnmowers (and the ability to transport lawnmowers) who want to do a good deed for a stranger? I don't know the owner of this house (at the corner of Washington and Arabian Ave in NW Bismarck) BUT for the past 3 days as I drive my kids to daycare in the morning, I have seen a little old lady attempt to cut this lawn with a push lawnmower (I've circled what she was able to accomplish over 3 days)!! The lawnmower has to weigh more than her (she is so petite) and she doesn't make it far because when I drive back again 30 minutes later on my way to work she's already back in her house. It will take her MONTHS at this rate to get it done....Her lot is massive!!!! The weeds are tall, so even if 10 people show up, there will be grass for you to cut and I can only imagine you will make this little old lady's YEAR!!"

Help on the way

Within minutes people with huge hearts responded, like this gentleman " about an hour, (so at 11 am) I’m going to change and head over there with my weedeater, hedge trimmer, chainsaw and lawnmower...." Mollie also added to me after I was able to get a hold of her "I plan on stopping over my lunch to donate some 50 gal lawn bags for anyone willing to bag it, cause it needs bagging for sure!" - See if you are new to North Dakota, and are now a resident to our city, or just visiting, these acts of kindness takes place daily. People do for others without even giving it a second thought. Mollie was just another example of someone who truly cares about people.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if by the end of today this yard will be immaculate...

....cause that's how we roll here in Bisman.

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