Let's start by saying this - this was no "David vs Goliath" match-up last Friday at the Fargodome

As they say in sports - The stage was set for two terrific teams to meet last Friday at the Fargodome in Fargo - Class 3A title game - The 10-1 Minot Magicians taking on the undefeated  Fargo Shanley squad. The wonderful thing about high school football was obvious, as family, friends, and fans of the Magicians drove over 4 hours to come out in full support and hopes of driving home with something the Mags had not accomplished since 1980 - a State Title.

November 10th, 2023 - a day that many will never forget for the rest of their lives

Imagine running out on the field - the dimensions are exactly the same as the other places you played at all season long - BUT this is THE Fargodome. This was a day, a game that everyone involved will no doubt remember for the rest of their life. A true championship team plays through all the elements - weather, tough environment on the road, and when they find themselves in a deep hole, coming from behind.

Down by 21 points in the final game of many of these football players' career

Without talking about it, this is what many of the Minot Magicians had to be thinking about. Very few move on to the college level and keep playing, this game would be their last - so instead of giving up, the Mags dug out of their 28-7 hole, and with time running out Kellan Burke rewarded a 43-year absence with a 20-yard winning field goal. 38-35 final score capping off a Minot Magicians Miracle season!



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