Well it's Friday, and for most of us, we start TRYING to plan on how we will occupy our weekend. There are many, that are thinking about their upcoming weekend as early as late Monday afternoon. I asked my boss just a second ago,"Hey Rick, what are you up to this weekend?" His reply was pretty right on the mark-"Well not a whole lot of options". How true.

With the coronovirus in full motion, people everywhere are trying to quarantine every situation. Look what's happened in the last 24 hours-Major League Baseball has faced a delay for a bit. NHL, NBA are doing the same thing. The biggest shocker to me was the sudden end of the college basketball season.

I have some observations. I am extremely impressed for the positive attitudes many people have expressed. We all have been hit one way or another with this virus, and so many have been disappointed with delays/shut-downs etc, but they have chosen to do the best they can, in these uncharted times.

Now, getting back to this weekend, how about reacquainting yourself with your stamp collection? The excitement of rearranging your sock drawer, OR watching paint dry? Make it a busy weekend, ok?


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