Here's a list of some North Dakota favorite foods:

So after a long day, one can struggle with what to eat at night. So as the snow falls on us this weekend I'd thought I'd share a list of foods from only in your of some North Dakota favorite dishes that might create some inspiration or might have you rolling out to Krolls. Gonna try to be a little different today so we'll leave out Walleye and Knoephla  because like DUH...

  • Fleishkuekle- Back east we have Jamaican beef patties, but here there's this Russian German dish that looks awesome dipped in mash potatoes YUM!
  • Hot Dish - Looks similar to a cross between a meat pie and and pot pie but you know on a cold day like today ... It would taste so good !
  • Goulash- Can't believe they have this here ! I thought originally this dish was Hungarian but it's actually from the Scandinavian countries. this is a mac and cheese on steroids.
  • Kuchen- For dessert this German style cake comes in all types of fruit flavors.

So there are some ideas, if you would like to see the entire list of foods with pictures here's a link to





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