Who here remembers the day when we made paper airplanes?

Am I the only one who remembers those days? Sitting in class, bored as heck, and trying to design and fold a piece of paper into a chic jet-like plane that will soar high across the classroom. Those are just faded memories because now drones are literally taking over the whole world, almost.

Drones have been around for a while now

First of all, let's define what a drone is. When I hear that name, I think of an unmanned plane-like helicopter that can go as far, or as high as the controls you have in your hand will let it. Larger drones have been in the military since the mid-1850s ( that blows my mind ). Let me keep our drone discussion pertaining to the smaller ones, the ones that do everything these days. They fly over active volcanoes, they are used by the police to get an aerial view of a crime scene. Because of how swift and compact they are, plus with all the sophistication of having a camera and a computer, there is nothing this thing can't do.

Add this to the long list a drone can accomplish

Check this out, before you know it, you could be receiving something you ordered online via delivery from a drone. According to KFYR TV "The future of how you could possibly receive deliveries was presented in Williston. On Tuesday, a drone manufacturing company showed off a device capable of sending small packages to homes and businesses". Of course, there will be some obstacles to clear, like from the FAA for one. You put anything in the air, that will travel the skies for any amount of space, you'll risk violating any valuable airspace.

Williston and Watford City looking more into this

Local Williston aviation students, as you can imagine, having a blast with one of the drones. KFYR TV added "... students watched a demonstration of the “HorseFly,” a drone created by Workhorse Aerospace capable of delivering 10-pound packages up to 10 miles away.

Don't be surprised if one day soon you'll have a pizza delivered by a nifty drone ( just make sure it leaves off the anchovies )

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