Well looking at the title of this story, where would you guess?

First, though, let's talk about being reasonable, we can all immediately dream about living somewhere warm 300 + plus days of a calendar year, however, that's when it is time for reality to set in. I personally have lived in another State for most of my life ( San Diego, California ) and you better have a little bit of money saved if you want to move out there. We all know that there are some major advantages of living here in Bisman, for one thing, your eyes would pop out of your head the first time you attempt to fill up your gas tank - according to gasprices.aaa.com the average is $5.108 a gallon in California.

The Top International City that North Dakotans want to live in is...

...Singapore (known for being a clean, beautiful place). Remitly.com reports that
"The overwhelming favorite of the countries and cities we analyzed was sunny Dubai, which topped the wish lists of an incredible 60 countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and the US" - So are you curious what the most favorite out-of-state destination North Dakotans have dreamed about living at? I said earlier about cities that are warm, that's a no-brainer - like California. I never would have thought Washington DC. - and that is the city where North Dakotans think about the most.

The following is just an idea of what the rest of our country thinks about:

Top international cities countries want to move to:  
1. Dubai (60)
2. Miami (12)
3. Paris (10)
4= New York City (8)
4= Madrid (8)
4= Singapore (8)
7= London (6)
7= Brussels (6)
9. Toronto (3)
10= Washington DC, Buenos Aires, Christchurch, Quebec City, Bogota, Portland, Vienna, Phoenix, Chicago (2)
Top out-of-state US cities the US wants to move to: 
1= New York City, New York (12)
1= Portland, Oregon (12)
3. Chicago, Illinois (10)
4. Los Angeles, California (4)
5= Charlotte, North Carolina (3)
5= Washington D.C. (3)


I'm okay living here.


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