"One of my childhood goals was to put my dad's name on a sign"...

...and THAT he did. Just over 7 seven years ago Schmidt Auto Sales was "On The Strip - Mandan, North Dakota" - you couldn't possibly miss it. However, if you noticed an emptiness inside the building lately it is because Dustin and his father Mike sold the building to a local business. There are no sad faces in this story because Schmidt Auto Sales will remain the same, except at a much larger location at...



...404 Airport Road - four times bigger than their old place - in the old Dvorak Motorsports building

Here it is....their new sign

Dustin Schmidt
Dustin Schmidt

So listen, for those of you who LOVE the traditional ways of an excellent customer service business, some people may be wondering if this move will change anything. Not at all, in fact, Dustin and his father Mike ( a 50-50 business partnership ) will continue on one of their mottos - A "Ma and Pa atmosphere where everyone matters - We believe in it, we love it" 

Dustin came by our studios this afternoon for about a half-hour

After chatting for about 15 minutes, I asked him what it's like to work with his dad - "He's my best friend. I grew up in the car business, my dad was always working for someone else, and my goal was to put his name on a sign"  Here is why I believe Schmidt Auto Sales is so successful - because Dustin believes strongly in family, so much so that his three young niece and nephews can be heard on radio commercials. A good old-fashioned family-owned and operated business. "Our new location will have a showroom - offering consignment services for classic and custom vehicles. We are also expanding into auto detailing and vehicle accessories"

Check this out - Schmidt Auto Sales is connected to 4,800 dealers across the United States

That is impressive, but I'll tell you what stands out the most when you come across Dustin Schmidt, he loves his job. "I like working with people. Someone who comes up to me two years later and thanks my dad and me for our service. Working with others and networking - customer appreciation is HUGE"  Dustin is a guy who makes you feel comfortable in an awesome vehicle, AND then virtually tucks you into a brand new bed -  He also owns and operates American Mattress - which is rebranding as America's Bedding Company  - so sleep tight, all is well with Schmidt Auto Sales!


Dustin M. Schmidt

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