I just read this story about ten minutes ago, and I'm STILL cracking up. Everything about it is hilarious. Let me set it up for you, the HOTTEST thing going these days, easily by a long shot, is the PlayStation 5. The long-anticipated wait finally ended just last month. Unless you were one of the lucky ones, the PS5 was ( and still is ) impossible to find. I'm quite sure though, if you are patient enough, they will start gradually showing up in Bismarck by early next year - the keyword here is PATIENT. There is no secret that the latest console marvel is not cheap, it will run you over $500, and for most die-hard gamers, like myself, we will gladly fork over the dough. Here is where the comedy and horror kicks in - A Taiwanese man HAD a PS5. He enjoyed every second, minute, and hour of it, right up UNTIL his wife discovered that Sony's next-gen console was NOT an Air Purifier. Complex.com reported that a thrilled gentleman who saw on Facebook a post from a poor sap having to sell his brand new PS5. He called the individual he believed to be a man on the phone only to hear a woman pick up. After his brief conversation with the mysterious woman, Wu could ascertain that she didn't know much about the PS5, but was adamant about selling it, even at a remarkably low price.

The bottom line is, the man learned a painful lesson, never try and fool your wife by telling her a gaming console is an Air Purifier. For more on this story click here.




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