I am not a professional writer, I'm sure you know that by now. I work in radio, and NOT television because of, well, eye-candy I am not. I am experienced enough by now to know that to grab someone's attention, whether you are on the air or through social media, sometimes you attempt to give your own opinion. That can be dangerous though, you leave yourself out there for people to disagree ( some rather passionately)

Such as the case in Indianapolis

Carson Wentz, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts has had a rough summer. After an up and down 5 years with the Philadelphia Eagles, the North Dakota State grad came to Indy with a chance to jump-start his career. Just recently he underwent foot surgery on an injury he received in practice - NOW since he has returned to the field he is facing big-time criticism from an Indianapolis columnist.

Wentz NOT in favor of ever receiving the vaccine shots

When Wentz was with the Eagles, he made it be known his opinion on vaccine shots, so when this past Monday nj.com reported that he and two other Colts players were put on the reserve/COVID-19 list after coming in close contact with a staff member. This ignited anger from the Indianapolis columnist Gregg Doyel - accusing the three players of refusing to learn more about the value of "..how to best combat viruses like COVID-19"

Direct cheap shots fired at Carson

So Gregg decided to flex his "Ink muscles" and directly lash out at Carson - “The Indianapolis Colts could release Carson Wentz right now, and I’d help pack his bags. Where does he live? Because he’ll need a ride to the airport,” nj.com added. He finished his rampage by saying that Wentz is the 'Worst of the bunch"  Wow how do you really feel there, buddy? Here is the thing, I get it, I really do. He is trying to get people talking, which I am doing right now, but why the direct personal hit on Carson? I'm not saying what Wentz stands for is right or wrong, it's up to him, he has a right to feel the way he does. But Greggory you don't have to wish him off the team, you don't know what goes on in the huddle or if the team truly respects Wentz and his ability to be a leader - you are just taking cheap shots. I guarantee you this, let's say Carson leads the Colts to an undefeated Super Bowl-winning season, this columnist chump will be the FIRST pencil-neck geek to get on the Carson Wentz Bandwagon.



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