The one thing I was really looking forward to, was Major League Baseball, with our world trying to get back to normal since the coronavirus came along, several sporting events have been discussed -  starting back up again. The NBA, The PGA, and the MLB all trying to sort things out, the logistics, the COVID-19 codes. Heck, they even have made suggestions about sports taking place in empty stadiums ( I'm semi-used to that being from San Diego, watching the Padres lose in front of like 2,000 people ) and here is the weirdest thing, if baseball does return, the television networks are saying they will add-in crowd sound effects. How goofy is that?

The squabble between the Major League players union and the Major League players is real and each passing day that goes by, the hopes of a 2020 MLB season is diminishing quickly. The 162 game season of course was supposed to kick off in late March, but the pandemic changed things. So what's the delay, the beef, why aren't they working together to get on track, and get baseball back on the field? Of course, money is involved, players compensation, and just how many games to be played in an obvious shortened season. There was talk about a 50 game season, that was turned down, then the latest, a proposed 72 game season, which was turned down. The hidden complicated to me now seems to be a huge hurdle, if both sides do agree, I hope it's soon. We are already halfway through June with no signs of "Play Ball" being yelled out in an empty stadium. The traditional seventh-inning stretch may turn out to be a seventh-month hiatus. For more on this click here.


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