Flowers and grandchildren, a perfect combination for Bismarck's Faye Krunwiede. A 70-year old with an amazing spirit who loved everything about being a grandmother, and embraced life - a woman that had no "just push pause" in her life. According to the Bismarck Tribune her husband  Dave Krumwiedeh said she was the kind of person who threw herself into everything. Providing her musical talents, she would play the piano and organ while he contributed with his guitar at their church. Her drive in life was admired by everyone that knew her. "She got into everything you could think of," Her profession in life was banking, and she really never retired. The list is long from all of her attributes - She recently managed the books for a farm in Hazen and was working until her last days. She handled the payroll and helped obtain visas for employees from South Africa. Dave said "it was her cup of tea" and she wasn't going to retire completely until she was 85 or 90. 

The sad part of this story is that Dave still is baffled on how Faye got COVID-19. They both were extremely diligent - following all the social distancing, mask-wearing, frequent use of hand sanitizer -  "ultra, ultra-careful."  

She entered the hospital in early October and spent 17 days in the intensive care unit. Dave was able to visit her and hopes that she knew he was there.  Faye passed on November 3rd. She loved life and her grandchildren. Dave just wants people to know that the coronavirus is "no joke."

  "I'm always thinking about what she wanted to do in the future," Dave said. "The plans we had and won't get to do."  We all should remember this story - Live for today, reach out to your loved ones and never put off saying "I love you" until tomorrow.

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