To many people, this game, the score, was considered funny, amusing

I would very much like to know WHY - WHY was this show of complete embarrassment deemed comical? This was a college basketball game that NEVER should have happened.

Last Sunday North Dakota State Bison played host to Oak Hills Christian College at Scheels Arena

Now by looking at the match-up before the game started - from afar - you wouldn't think much about it - but anyone with some common knowledge and HALF of a conscience will tell you without a doubt this game NEVER should have been scheduled - EVER. Let's break it down even more, NDSU is a Division 1  - Oak Hill is NOT. The Wolfpack lists its enrollment at 94 students. Bison of North Dakota State has almost 10,000. Now listen, I've watched the movie 'Hoosiers' about a trillion times, sadly this game on Sunday would not turn out so magical - it was a horror show.

Yes size does matter, up to a point

One of the key factors in this game was that Oak Hill Christian College from Bemidji had no players over 6 foot 4. There are 40 minutes to a college basketball game - 20 minutes per half. At the break ( halftime ) it was 60-5 Bison. Wolfpack would do just a tad better in the last 20 minutes, scoring 9 points - final score 108-14 NDSU. Of course, what followed in the world of social media were lame jokes and criticism:

Whatever your personal belief is on religion and human beings ignoring the freedoms of others when it comes to their sexual beliefs - all of the above should not come into play when a sporting event is scheduled, and I would be surprised if these two teams ever meet on the court again.



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